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What is Carnauba wax?

Harvested from Carnauba palms, which are dried, flaked and blended with oils, this car wax is renowned across the industry. It has an amazing pedigree of natural ingredients: sourced from Brazilian trees, the leaves secrete the wax under incredibly hot temperatures.

Once coated with Carnauba spray wax, water sheets off your car easily - so browse our great selection today!

Getting the best results from Carnauba car wax:

At EZ Care Care our unique formulas bring together high grade T1 carnauba as well as natural beeswax and quality fruit nut oils to give the best results.

Distilled into spray form for user-friendly use, our Carnauba spray wax Chrome and InstaGloss concentrated solutions simply require a light misting over your paint surface. You can use a foam lance too; though whatever your application, it’s key to double check the right ratio of agent to water beforehand.

In principle, with Carnauba wax car polish less is more: the smaller amount of wax used means the cure or “drying” time is shorter, and also meaning you’ll have less excess residue to finally swipe off.

Crammed full of paint-nourishing wetting agents, you shouldn’t miss out on our brilliant Carnauba wax polish sprays - buy online now for our very competitive prices!

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NEW!!! Ceramic Wax EXTREME - Advanced SI02 - EZ Car Care ZA
Ceramic Wax EXTREME - Advanced SI02 - EZ Car Care ZA

NEW!!! Ceramic Wax EXTREME - Advanced SI02

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NEW!! EXTREME Ceramic Shine Kit!

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