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Exactly how many stages are there to the ultimate car wash? Though you can refine and buff forever, the most likely answer from professionals is four: and at EZ Car Care we’re here to make these vital rinse, pre-wash, wash and final rinse phases that much easier.

Our professional car wash products are treated so they maintain the integrity of paintwork while erasing the inevitable buildup of contaminants, like road grime, oils and dust. Here we have a concentrated, fast-action trio: Citrus Pre Wash, snow foam and foam lances, all work together to generate healthy suds and remove grim safely.

The main wash stage, using the well-worn two bucket system, essentially brings out your work in relief: the point where you notice any glaring swirls, scratches, and or oxidation. For this final buffing process, try our selection of pH-balanced strong solvents, like glue and tar removers, cleansing panel wipes and a variety of miracle all-purpose cleaners.

Ideal for easy hand held usage, our microfiber mitts  store maximum suds for a superior routine too. Watch the grime and persistent grubbiness just slide away with our range of professional car wash products - browse online today for our cheap prices!

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EMBER - Luxury Car Shampoo - EZ Car Care South Africa, Luxury care care, Car Shampoo, Ember, Detailing, Paint Correction, Paint Care

EMBER - Luxury Car Shampoo

R 329.99   R 229.99
SUPERCHARGED - Hyper Concentrate Car Care Shampoo - EZ Car Care South Africa

SUPERCHARGED - Hyper Concentrate Car Care Shampoo

From  R 299.99

Detailers' Starter Kit - Start Here!

R 1,190.00

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